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snow queen

The Snow Queen

Born with the power to control snow and ice, our Snow Queen will make an amazing addition to your princess party! With the perfect sing-a-long song, everyone will be joining in with one of our most popular princesses!

The Snow Queen can be booked in her new outfit or in her original outfit!

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snow princess

The Snow Princess

Invite the Snow Queen's loving sister to your little one's big day! This bubbly and enthusiastic princess loves warm hugs and chocolate. She is sure to bring fun and laughter wherever she goes!

The Snow Princess can be booked in her new outfit or in her original outfit!

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Rapunzel is so excited to make new friends after being locked away in a tower! This playful princess loves to sing, dance and play games! She can't wait to tell everyone of her amazing adventures!

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The Little Mermaid Princess

The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid makes friends wherever she goes, having lived on land and under the sea! She has a beautiful singing voice and is full of curiosity! Why not have the Little Mermaid be a part of your party?

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The Rose Princess

The Rose Princess loves to read and sing! She is creative, kind, intelligent, and she has a wonderful imagination. She is so excited to read stories and sing songs to everyone she meets!

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Tinkerbelle loves to create magic wishes using her very own fairy dust! This cheeky fairy is so excited to show your little ones how to dance like a real fairy at her next party!!

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Cinderella Princess


Cinderella is a sweet and gracious princess who loves to dance, especially at the ball! She's full of charm and loves to wear her sparkly, glass slippers and her beautiful ballgown to parties!

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Sleeping Beauty

This princess loves to sleep! But one thing she loves more than sleeping, is attending parties and events. Sleeping Beauty is elegant and gentle, and so excited to meet everyone after being asleep for so long!

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Snow White Princess

Snow White

Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all? Snow White of course! This classic princess is friends with all the animals in the forest! She's sweet, loving and can't wait to make an appearance at your next party!

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Alice in Wonderland

Alice won't be late for this very important date! She has travelled all the way from Wonderland to party with her new friends! There'll be lots of exciting party games, singing and dancing... a party your little one won't ever forget!


The Pink Princess

The Pink Princess just loves to party! Wherever there's music, she's there dancing with all her new friends! This princess loves to sing songs, play games and don't forget... Hug time!

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The Fashion Doll

Let's go party with your little ones favourite fashion doll! She loves singing, dancing and dressing up in her favourite colour, pink!

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The Superhero

Our superhero character has super strength and super speed! She's strong, confident and energetic, and is always on the look out for people in need of help. Invite our superhero character to your little one's party to learn some cool super power moves.

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Viking Princess

Viking Princess

Our Viking Princess is courageous, confident and is always there to protect her friends. Learn how to be a Viking and fly with the dragons at your next party or event!

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The Tooth Fairy

Tooth Fairy

Everyone loves the Tooth Fairy! She has a dazzling smile that is sure to brighten up your day! Let her flutter into your party as she waves her wand and spreads the sparkle far and wide!

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The Unicorn Princess

Enter a wonderful world of imagination with the unicorn princess! Full of sparkle and bubbliness, the Unicorn Princess is sure to make every party as magical as she is!

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Fairy Princess

The Fairy Princess

Bring some magical fairy dust to your princess party with the Fairy Princess! This delightful and enchanting fairy princess will grant your birthday wishes!

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Carol the Christmas Elf

Meet one of Santa's little helpers, Carol the Christmas Elf! She is so excited to spread some Christmas cheer! Invite Carol, all the way from the North Pole, to your own home with our Christmas visits! Carol is part of a unique Christmas Package!

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