7 Best DIY Princess Party Costume Ideas 2019

So your little one has been invited to a princess party and is all excited to go, but doesn’t know what type of princess outfit to wear? Or the birthday girl has been eagerly awaiting her big princess birthday party, and wants to wear a princess dress that is extra special? Then take a look at the best DIY princess party costume ideas! They’re easy to make and your little one will look adorable and feel like a real princess!

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Elsa Inspired Party Dress

Elsa Inspired Princess Party Costume
Icy Beads!

Frozen inspired parties are so popular, and girls love to dress up as their favourite character! You can make your own Elsa inspired dress, which would make your child feel like she is the snow queen with magical powers!

One way to create this dress is to get a long, blue dress with thin straps. Alternatively, you can make the dress with blue, stretchy material by folding the floor length material in half and cutting it in a slightly flared shape, then sew the material together to create a tube dress. Add some elastic for the straps to keep the dress up and stick on some sequins for extra sparkle!

Wear a long sleeved white or light blue top underneath the dress for the sleeves. To make the cape, grab some blue floor length lace or sparkle material and sew this across the back of the dress, underneath the armpits.

Wear some sparkly shoes and your little princess is ready to build a snowman!

Elsa Inspired Tulle Party Dress

Another way to create an Elsa Inspired dress is by making a tulle skirt!

First, measure elastic around the waist and sew or glue the ends together. Then, cut long strips of blue tulle. To cut the correct length of tulle, measure from the waist to the floor and double it. Fold the tulle in half and slip knot the tulle around the elastic. To make the skirt fuller, tighten the knots!

For the top, you can wear a long sleeved blue or white top under a blue cami top! You can sew the cape, made from floor length blue lace or sparkly material, across the back of the cami top. Add some silver shoes to finish this Elsa inspired costume!

The Little Mermaid Princess Costume

Mermaid Princess Costume
Under the Sea!

If your little one likes mermaids, then why not try making her a mermaid costume! I love mermaid tails, they’re so sparkly and you can choose beautiful colours to make the tail unique!

Choose some stretchy material to create the tail, the most popular mermaid colour for the tail is green. There are some sparkly materials that already have a shiny scale print on them, which is perfect for a mermaid tail!

Fold the material in half and, using a fitted skirt, tight jeans or leggings, trace the pattern onto fabric, adding about half an inch around the outline of the pattern. If you’re using a fitted skirt to trace around, then extend the side edges downwards to where your knees would be. If you’re using leggings or jeans, then shorten the side edges to where your knees would be. Pin the fabric together and cut out the skirt shape! At this point, it’s ideal to try the skirt on to adjust the measurements.

Then, sew or glue the edges together and hem the top and bottom of the skirt. Choose a few layers of tulle in different colours or shades and measure and cut the tulle from the bottom of the skirt to the floor. Stack the tulle on top of each other and sew or glue down the edge. Pleat and glue the tulle all the way around the bottom of the skirt once the skirt has been turned inside out.

Add a sparkly top or a shell top to make your daughter feel like a real mermaid princess!

No Sew Tinkerbell Inspired Tulle Skirt Costume

Tinkerbell Costume Material
Fairy Dust!

Tinkerbell is a cute and cheeky little diary, who loves to have fun! Making a Tinkerbell inspired dress is quick and simple, especially with this method as there’s no sewing involved!

You can make a green tutu dress to match Tinkerbell’s green dress, simply grab some elastic and measure around the waist of the wearer and secure the ends by sewing or glueing. You can also use green ribbon, which doesn’t need the ends securing because a simple bow can be tied around the waist.

Then, cut long strips of green tulle. For the length of tulle, measure from the waist to how long you want the skirt to be and double it. I’d recommend having the Tinkerbell inspired tutu costume to be knee length. Then, fold the tulle in half and slip knot the tulle around the elastic or ribbon. The more tulle around the elastic or ribbon, the more fuller the skirt will be.

Wear a green cami top with the skirt, a sparkly top will be especially great for parties! And add accessories to this outfit with fairy wings and silver or green shoes to finish this funky Tinkerbell inspired costume!

No Sew Tinkerbell Inspired Tulle Dress Costume

This method is very similar to the previous method, No Sew Tinkerbell Inspired Tulle Skirt, but instead of making a skirt, you simply make a dress!

All you need to do it grab a green crochet tutu top and use green strips of tulle, double the length from the hem to the knee to get the correct measurements for the tulle and fold the strips of tulle in half and slip knot them through the bottom of the crochet tutu top.

If your crocheted tutu top doesn’t have straps, you can add straps by measuring how long you want the shoulder straps to be and tying the straps to the front and the back of the crocheted top. You can use tulle or ribbon to create the straps.

This tutu dress is so cute and sure to make your little one feel like a real fairy!

Tinkerbell Inspired Costume

Tinkerbell Princess Costume
Funky Fairy!

Another method to create a Tinkerbell inspired dress is to grab a long, green top or a dress and cut zig zags along the bottom of the dress!

Or you can make the dress from scratch by using some green material. Fold this material in half and use a dress that you already have to trace the dress shape onto the fabric. If you don’t have a dress spare, you can have your little fairy lie down on the fabric and you can measure around her. Cut around the dress shape, but not across the fold, and sew or glue the sides of the dress together whilst leaving gaps at the top for the arm holes.

Find the centre of the folded part and cut the neck hole. Cut zig zags along the bottom of the the dress to create this lovely Tinkerbell inspired dress!

Snow White Princess Dress

Snow White Princess Party Costume
So Pretty!

Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all? Snow White of course! Let your little one dress up as the fairest princess! The easiest way to create this costume is to get a white shirt for the white collar and grab a yellow skirt, a long a line skirt works well. Wear a blue top over the shirt, making sure the white shirt sleeves are hidden.

To make the cape, simply grab some red material, velvet material is great to use as the cape, and sew a large rectangle shape of velvet to the top of the blue top. You can gather the top of the cape when sewing to the blue top to make a more elegant look.

Add a red bow headband for the hair and some red or black shoes to compete this Snow White costume!

To make this costume look even more like Snow White, you can make Snow White’s puffy sleeves by using some red and blue material! Take a look at this full tutorial.

To make the Snow White collar, use some heavy weight interfacing fabric for stability and cover this with white fabric. A white lace fabric looks lovely and dainty for the collar! Then, sew or glue the collar to the top back of the dress!

Best DIY Princess Party Costume Ideas

Thank you for reading this article all about the best DIY Princess Party Costume Ideas! They are sure to make your little princess look beautiful and feel like royalty!

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