Best Homemade Princess Party Invitation Ideas

The first thing to do when having a princess party, is to hand out invitations! There are so many princess party invitations to choose from, matching all different princess themes. You and your little princess can make the invitations too to really get into the princess party mood! Here are the best homemade princess party invitation ideas to start off your princess party!

Homemade Princess Ball Gown Party Invitation

Princess Party Ball Gown Invitations
So Beautiful!

Princesses wear beautiful ball gowns, so why not have a go at making princess ball gown invitations? They’re sure to encourage the party guests to arrive at the party in their best princess dresses!

Grab some coloured card to match the theme of the party and cut out a ball gown dress shape, making sure the skirt part of the invitation is big enough to write the party details.

Grab a rectangle strip of some tulle with the length from the waist of the invitation to the bottom of the invitation. Gather the top of the tulle together to create the skirt before stapling it in place on the invitation.

You can cover the staple by tying a ribbon around the dress invitation or by decorating the area with gem stickers!

Take a look at this free printable ball gown invitation!

Homemade Fairy Princess Wand Invitation

Fairy Princess Wand Invitations
So Much Glitter!

If your child loves fairies and is planning on having a fairy princess party, you can make some fairy wand invitations! They’re quick and easy to make, and the party guests will have lots of fun playing with them too!

Cut out two star shapes from some coloured card and add the party details to one of the stars. Glue the two stars together with a chip stick or wooden dowel in between them. To secure the stars in place, you can use a peg whilst they dry.

Now it’s time to decorate the wand invitations! You can use glitter, pom poms and stickers! You can add flowing ribbon to the wand invitations too.

The party guests would love to receive a fairy wand invitation, and they can play with them in the lead up to the fairy princess party!

Princess Party Hat Invitation

Princess Party Hat Invitation
Very Pointy!

I love the idea of a party hat invitation! They’re so much fun and really get the party guests excited for the party!

Cut out a large circle from some coloured card, with a diameter of roughly 9 inches, and add the party details.

Then, from the outside edge of the circle to the centre, cut out a thin triangle shape, with the point of the triangle being in the centre of the circle. Overlap one side of the cut out over the other side to create a come shape, and stick it together with glue or tape.

Add some ribbon or elastic to the party hat so that it will stay in place when worn. You can stick the elastic or the ribbon to the inside of the hat, or you can hole punch two holes towards the bottom of the hat at opposite ends before tying the elastic or ribbon through them.

It’s decoration time! Add sparkles, pom poms, stickers and other colourful craft materials! For a Little Mermaid inspired party, you can make a purple and green hat with some under the sea stickers and some blue, sparkly ribbon hanging from the point of the hat!

Homemade Princess Scroll Party Invitation

Princess scroll invitations are so elegant and start the party experience with royalty! They’re easy to make too!

Grab some wooden sticks, roughly 6 inches long. You’ll be using two sticks per invitation. Then, hot glue wooden spools on the ends of each stick and paint them in gold, silver, or a colour to match your princess theme!

Grab some paper, about 5 inches wide, and add the party details! Glue the paper to the wooden sticks and roll them slightly so the wooden sticks are completely covered.

Then, roll the paper until each end is meeting at the centre, and tie the scroll invitation with ribbon to keep it in place.

For a more vintage princess party invitation, crumple the paper and let it soak in tea or coffee before glueing it to the wooden sticks.

This princess party scroll invitation would be suitable for all kinds of different princess parties, especially a Cinderella themed party!

Plantable Paper Party Invitation

Plantable Princess Party Invitations
Eco Friendly!

If the birthday child loves flowers, then handing out plantable paper party invitations is a lovely idea! It’s great for the environment and a unique party invitation that is sure to make your princess party journey a memorable one!

Cut out pretty princess shapes from the plantable paper, like flowers, hearts, stars and crowns, and write the party details with a biro or a thin nibbed gel pen.

Once the party guests have received their plantable paper party invitations, they can plant beautiful flowers! The paper is biodegradable and embedded with seeds, so it leaves no waste!

This party invitation idea would be perfect for a fairy princess party or a Rapunzel themed party. Check out our Eco-Friendly Princess Party Ideas article for more great eco-friendly ideas!

Princess Party Template Invitations

Princess Party Template Invitations
What a Lot of Hair!

The easiest way to make a princess party invitation is by using princess templates! They’re so much fun to make and your little one will enjoy decorating them with sparkle!

Grab a princess shaped template and use it to cut the princess shape out of some coloured card. Then, cut out the same shape that’s slightly smaller than the original, but big enough to fit in the party details, from a different coloured piece of card. Glue this in the middle of the big shape to create a border.

You can use glitter, stickers, bows and all sorts of craft materials to decorate your princess party invitation!

To create a Frozen inspired party invitation, you can use a snowflake shape and create the border by using some sparkly, silver card!

Princess Castle Party Invitation

Princess Themed Arts and Crafts
Arts and Crafts!

Little princesses love princess castles and would be delighted to receive a special princess castle party invitation!

Grab some coloured card in A4 and fold it in quarters, with the two ends meeting in the middle. Cut out a princess castle roof and cut out a princess castle arched doorway from a different coloured piece of card. Cut this doorway vertically in half and glue each piece of the door onto the castle.

Grab another sheet of coloured card, cut it so it fits inside if the castle and add the party details.

It’s decoration time! You can use whatever craft material you like to suit the theme of your princess party! You can add some pretty ribbon to the castle invitation by tying a bow across the middle of the castle.

Homemade Princess Party Invitations

Thank you for reading this article all about the best princess party invitation ideas! There are so many different invitations to choose from for your princess party, and they’re all fun to make! Take a look at our Arts and Craft ideas article for more great homemade ideas the children will enjoy.