6 Best Princess Party Games 2019

Party Games are a wonderful part of any child’s party! They are loads of fun and everyone gets involved to win some cute prizes. The classic party games will always be timeless, but we have updated some of them with a princess party twist to give children a princess themed party that they will never forget. To give you some ideas, below are a few of my favourite princess party games that are popular with all the children I have done parties for!

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Pass the Parcel

Pass the Parcel
Pretty Pink Parcels!

Pass the Parcel is played by preparing a fun little gift wrapped in many layers of wrapping paper. Each layer of wrapping paper also contains a small treat, usually sweets.

The children sit in a circle as music plays and pass the present around. When an adult stops the music, the child holding the present gets to unwrap the top layer of wrapping, until eventually somebody wins the prize in the middle! (Usually the birthday girl or boy.)

In my experience, Pass the Parcel definitely tops the list as the game children get the most excited about. The chance to win big and the guarantee of sweets or smaller prizes along the way brings a smile to every small face!

Make sure that the prize in the middle is themed according to the birthday girl’s favourite princess and that the prizes in the layers appeal to everyone. Sweets are a common choice and work great as a party treat!

If you’re worried about all that wrapping paper being wasted that might not be recyclable, then cloth bags can make a great alternative that can be reused over and over! You might even have the supplies around the house somewhere already.

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The Princess Parachute

Suitable for both younger and older party guests, a parachute provides endless opportunities for birthday party fun! Throw in a ball or some balloons and parachutes become even more fun!

For extra flair, why not pretend that the parachute is a princess castle that must be defended from evil dragons! It’s a great game for the party guests to use their imagination and creativity to come up with exciting ideas!

Princess Statues

Princess Statues
Keep Still!

Musical Statues is played with all the children dancing to their favourite songs. The music stops periodically and the children must freeze in their current position (no wobbling)!

All the party guests will play multiple rounds, so that everyone is involved and no one is out! For added enthusiasm from the little dancers and posers, we’ll hand out lots of prizes for best dancer, loudest singing and best statue face!

This is the perfect opportunity to let the little ones loose and burn off the energy from all those sweets! Musical Statues gets them up and dancing so make sure to use the theme tunes of their favourite princesses so that they can sing along too.

For some extra Princess Party fun, then why not also theme the statues and have the children freeze in their favourite princess poses! But make sure to change it up every now and again to keep the children on their toes! Who doesn’t love pretending to be a statue of the Marshmallow giant?!

After all that dancing the children will probably be thirsty so why not prepare some tasty princess drinks for them!

Bibbity Bobbity Boo

Bibbity Bobbity Boo Princess Games
Little Ladybird!

Duck Duck Goose is a super fun game, and it’s even more fun with our princess twist! This game starts with everyone sitting in a circle, making sure there is enough room for everyone who would like to play.

One child is is ‘it’, who will walk around the outside of the circle. This child will say either Bibbity or Bobbity whilst tapping each child on the head. As soon as the child says ‘Boo!’ instead of Bibbity or Bobbity, the race is on!

The child who has been tapped on the head then needs to stand up and run as fast as they can to catch the other child around the outside of the circle. The ‘it’ child, who is being chased, needs to sit down in the gap left by the other child. If they sit down quickly enough before being caught, then the other child becomes ‘it’.

This is such a fun game and not knowing who is going to get picked makes this game so exciting! The children can cheer each other on and encourage each other to run faster! They will soon work up an appetite for delicious party food.

Pin the Tail on the Donkey

I love the game Pin the Tail on the Donkey! It’s a great game and children really enjoy it!

The game starts by blindfolding a party guest. Whilst blindfolded, the child can stick their sticker on a specific spot on the big poster. The guests take it in turns, so everyone will get a go. Whoever sticks their sticker closest to the spot wins! To make the game harder, try turning each child 3 times.

Customising for your theme

Here are a few ideas to suit your princess party theme!

  • You can pin the mirror on the wall, just like the magic mirror in Snow White!
  • You can use mirror stickers and get the children to stick the mirror in a specific spot on the wall.
  • For a Frozen themed party, you can pin the carrot on Olaf! Olaf is always losing his carrot nose and needs the children’s help to put it back in the correct place!
  • You can pin the tiara on the princess! A princess isn’t a princess without her special tiara!

Sing-a-long Princess

Sing a Long Princess
Sing Loud!

Princesses love to sing and there are so many beautiful princess songs! This game is most suited for slightly older party guests, the younger party guests may need a little help!

Pick a princess song, preferably one that’s more well known, print the lyrics out or write them on pieces of paper. Cut phrases from the song and scramble the phrases up, then give them to a team.

To win, the party guests need to put the phrases in order and sing the song together! For more difficulty, cut individual words and scramble the words!

Princess Party Games

I hope this gave you a few ideas on how to theme your party with some fabulous princess party games! Party guests have so much fun with the games, especially if there’s prizes involved! Our party games include prizes, so take a look at our party packages!